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Talika Heated 3d synthetic eyelash factory  – Is It Worth It?

Getting the perfect curl for your 3d synthetic eyelash factory  is hard to achieve especially when all other products have produced less than effective results. There are many eyelash curler products on the market today which aim to create a beautiful curl for your lashes including eyelash serums, mascaras and non heated eyelash curlers. Heated eyelash curlers are a relatively new product with a number of brands such as Shu leading the way. Other brands such as Talika have emerged with their own heated eyelash curler product priced similar to other popular branded eyelash curlers but it is debatable whether these products actually perform and give you the best curl possible. So here we will provide you with a comprehensive review of Talika’s Heated lash Curler, helping you decide whether this product is worth to try and buy.

3d synthetic eyelash factory 
3d synthetic eyelash factory

What is Talika Heated Eyelash Curler?

Hoeik heated 3d synthetic eyelash factory  curler is a soft heated pad curler which aims to double the curl of your lashes giving you that ultimate lash curl look in an efficient but safe process. This product is designed to be easy to use with an automatic temperature controller with a silicone pad for ease of use as well as being small enough to pop in your handbag and utilize anywhere and anytime you need to. Its attractive and modern design is comprised of a plastic casing with and sleek blue and grey design crafted to fit your hand grip perfectly.

How do you use the Talika Heated Eyelash Curler?

This heated curler is pretty easy to use once you follow these simple steps.

Firstly make sure your curler is fitted with the triple A Batteries and that it turns on by pushing the On button upwards when a blue light will appear. Next wait for the silicon pads to change from red to white ensuring that the pads are temperature controlled to use. At the same time make sure your 3d synthetic eyelash factory  are clean and free from any mascara.

Attach the lash curler to your eyelash and then hold down for between 15-20 seconds depending on how curly you want your 3d synthetic eyelash factory . When this time limit is reached release the lash curler and repeat the steps on the adjacent eye.

Any Advantages?

There are a number of advantages of using the Talika Heated Eyelash Curler including the fact that the device is small and compact with only Triple A batteries needed to operate it and so is able to use literally anywhere needed. Additionally the automatic temperature control regulation of the curler ensures that you can be assured that this device will not overheated and damage your 3d synthetic eyelash factory .

Any Disadvantages?

Unfortunately there are a few disadvantages to this product. Firstly considering the price of this product which is around $30 US Dollars or £21.50 British Pounds the plastic packaging of this product is a considerable let down, especially when you compare this to other heated lash curlers which are known for their effective performance but are made out of sturdier metal materials and cost considerably less money. Secondly the time it takes to heat up is a little longer than many would like especially when you may be in a rush to complete your beauty regimen and get out the door. Also the hold of the curl falls out faster than that of other lash curlers which is probably due to the construction of the pad itself.

3d synthetic eyelash factory 
3d synthetic eyelash factory

Here we have provided you with a thorough review of the Talika Heated Eyelash Curler helping you decide if it is really worth your time and money. We have seen that this product does have a number of advantages including its practicality and automatic temperature control but there are also quite a few disadvantages including quality of packaging and length of hold of your 3d synthetic eyelash factory  curl. We hope this article has helped you decide whether this is the heated 3d synthetic eyelash factory h curler for you. For more information on other eyelash curlers or on other eyelash related products


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