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How to Paint People – cheap mink eyelashes – Learning to Paint

Let’s take a look at some step by step tutorials and techniques I use to paint people, specifically focusing on how to paint eyes with acrylic paint. This lesson is about painting and does not cover drawing skills or address proportion to a great extent. If you learn to use the correct techniques on your already finished drawing, you should do fine cheap mink eyelashes.

Accurate Drawing. First, you should start with an accurate drawing of the subject you plan on painting. Some artist use the grid method, while others free hand the initial drawing. One hint that you need to take to heart is this; If you don’t have an accurate drawing, do not attempt to paint the person. You more than likely will not achieve a likeness if you don’t have a likeness first in pencil cheap mink eyelashes.

cheap mink eyelashes
cheap mink eyelashes

Painting the eyes. I like to start my portraits with the eyes. Every single time that you paint an eye make sure it contains these elements; overall accurate shape, the upper and lower eye lid, the pupil, the iris, the sclera or white of the eye, the upper and lower lashes, the eyebrow, the corner membrane, and the catch-light.

Components of the Eye.Hoeik There are a lot of components of the eye and it is the most complicated facial feature to paint. If your painting is not to be too detailed, you can omit the eye lids the corner membrane and maybe even the lashes. The pupil should be black or extremely dark using burnt umber and it usually has a reflection in it. This reflection or catch-light should be two toned, matching the whites of the eyes. The iris will have several tones and is never just one color. The whites of the eyes are never pure white but shades of gray, and will most likely not be the brightest spot on the face or the whole painting. I usually add a tiny bit of red in the corner membrane.

Also, when painting the eyes, remember proportion. There is most usually a distance of one eye width between the two eyes.

Painting the Eye. Paint in the white first. Now paint in the iris. Fill in the iris area with most of the iris color. Add specks of other color within the iris. The iris is usually quite a few colors. Brown eyes have a touch of black and maybe even yellow. Study your subject for accurate color variation. Use an out lineof a darker shade like burnt sienna and outline the entire iris. Now with the same burnt sienna paint in a pupil. Depending on how the light hits the eye will depend on where the catch-light of the iris will be. Make sure that the catch-light hits both eyes in generally the same spot however. A line painted in over the top of the eye will serve as the upper eyelid. Some people have a definite line to define the lower lid as well. The eyelids should be painted how you see them.

Eyelashes When painting cheap mink eyelashes, paint what you see as well. In reality peoples cheap mink eyelashes rarely protrude straight up like a cartoon! Eyelashes are usually seen as protruding slightly upward and sideways. They are usually in small clumps as well. I have found that sometimes when painting a man’s eyelashes, less is more. Sometimes they get one or two tiny lashes and that is it. The same hold true for children and even women. Paint a few representative lines to indicate lashes, step back and look at it before going on. Also remember not to create them too long as they will look unnatural.

Eyebrows The last parts of the eye to mention are the brows. You can easily overdo the brows if you aren’t careful. Again, study your subject and review lessons in “How To” books for practice.

Finish Details. You will add tiny but important details now to finish the eye.

cheap mink eyelashes
cheap mink eyelashes

If you want to see exactly how to paint eyes and people in step-by-step lessons, follow the link here. Painting People The best way to begin painting is to follow prescribed instruction and get your feet wet. With a little practice, you will be well on your way to a rewarding hobby cheap mink eyelashes of painting.


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