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How to Apply Eyeshadow Using Three Colors

In this article, I will discuss how best to apply false eyelashes so that you have the best colors for matching your eye shape and needs. Learning to use a brush is only half of what one needs to learn. Most women only use a single shade of false eyelashes. While this looks nice, it’s possible to really make your false eyelashes impressive by adding the extra colors that are included in most false eyelashes sets.

false eyelashes
false eyelashes

You will want to use three different colors of eyeshadow for your eyes, a light color, a medium color and a dark color (with the exception of women with oval-shaped eyes, who should only use two). Most eyeshadow already comes with these three different colors together, but you may mix different colors to taste.

Hoeik , depending on the shape of your eye, you’ll want to put the different colors in different places. In general, there are three shapes of eyes, deep eyes, narrow eyes and oval eyes. For those with deeply set eyes, your goal is to not make your eyes look too sunken. You will want to put some of your medium eyeshadow near the outer edges of your eye sockets, while covering the rest of your eyelid with the lighter eyeshadow. For those with shallower eyes, you should put the medium eyeshadow all along the top of your eye sockets, and the lighter near the bottom. This deepens the appearance of your eye sockets. Women with oval eyes should just use the lighter eyeshadow on their eyelids.

When performing the above steps, put the lighter shade of eyeshadow on first. Only then should you put on the darker shade. A lot of eyeshadow guides recommend the opposite, but it is a mistake. It makes it easier to blend your eyeshadow when the medium eyeshadow is on top. In addition, put your lighter eyeshadow on your entire eyelid before applying the medium eyeshadow. Again, this makes blending much easier.

Next, you should put on your dark false eyelashes with a narrow brush along your eyelid by your false eyelashes. If you have oval eyes, this is where you should put on your medium eyeshadow.

Finally, you should blend your eyeshadow without making it look smudged. This takes some practice, but putting the lighter colors on first makes it easier. Get a white blending brush, and rub it along the places where the colors meet to get rid of the “lines”. The goal is to make it look as though the different colors blend into each other, rather than being separate lines.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully applied your eyeshadow!

false eyelashes
false eyelashes

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