How To Use Mink Eyelashes Longer?

How To Use Mink Eyelashes Longer?

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Shalimar Lashes Mink Eyelash Vendors USA make sure that they are suitable before wearing them.

If you apply eyelashes to fit your eyes without trimming them, they are likely to be too long and uncomfortable. Jaclyn recommends using a rotating mirror on the magnified side.

You want to look down, basically the mirror should be on your nose. This is not the most flattering angle, but this awkward angle will provide you with the best eyelash angle. Also pay attention to which Wholesale Mink Lashes are designed for the right eye and which eyelashes are designed for the left eye.

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Use tweezers to carefully remove the eyelashes from the outer edge of the box, and then install them on the eyelash line.

Gently place the eyelashes on the natural eyelashes to measure the eyelash line. Look in the mirror to determine how much excess to trim. Be careful not to trim too much, only trim from the outer edge.

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