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Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

You shouldn’t have to wonder if holey jeans, colored spike hair, ruffled clothes or your pants falling down to your knees will cost you the job because the simple fact that you took the chance to show up to an interview like that means that you didn’t want the lashes extension wholesale anyway… so it should be no surprise why you weren’t selected.

lashes extension wholesale
lashes extension wholesale

Does hoeik really matter how you dress for an interview? Yes it does!! Whether the company that you are interviewing with has a dress code or not, it is always wise to dress your best for an interview. You’ve might have heard the saying “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. Even though this is a traditional statement, it goes beyond the truth. The right style and the right look can boost your self-esteem and set you apart from other candidates. Now let’s talk about it slowly and one by one:


Your clothes say a lot. It doesn’t have to say, I am brand name or I cost a fortune but it should say, I have style and I am ready for the job. Your outfit should be conservative but polished in a way where it is not a distraction. Think pant suites and sheath dresses. Don’t out talk your resume, let your resume and accomplishments speak for themselves. So ladies leave the too tight, too revealing, over the top jewelry and too bright colored stockings with open toe sandals in your closet. Gentlemen keep that too loose hanging to my knees pants and Scarface shirt folded in your closet. Today is the day of success and you need to be ready for lashes extension wholesale.

Hair and Make Up

I just want to say that Rod Stewart was blessed that he had talent to make it in the music industry because that hair style in the corporate world would’ve never made it. You need to wear a hair style that says that you are all grown up.

• Ladies, if you can’t hide those extensions then don’t wear them. Go light on the makeup and stay away from the false lashes extension wholesale and nose rings.

• Men, I know that the mo-hawk and dreadlocks seems like a good hair choice to but to interviewer, it seems a little immature. Even your cut out and clean up your edges and if you insist on wearying dreads, wash them the day before and get a shape up to make them more appealing. And for heaven’s sake, take the big hoop earring out of your ears.

All in all Ladies and Gentlemen, you may think that following these suggestions above is worthless because it takes away your ability to be true to yourself but this is where you need to be driven enough to make a lashes extension wholesale. No more should’ve, would’ve, could’ve… just go get that job!

lashes extension wholesale
lashes extension wholesale

Joyce Sanchez is a professional lashes extension wholesale counselor and language specialist living in the state of Virginia. For more advice and assistance during your job search,

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