Why Choose Hoeik Lashes For Your Lashes Business?

Why Choose HLashes For Your Lashes Business?

Hoeik Lashes as one be the best Lashes vendor , we focus on hoeik MinkLashes for 15 years, supply top grade Luxury Mink Lashes in the market with cheap price, if you want to buy Mink Lashes Wholesalehoeik lashes will be the first choice.

Wholesale Mink Lashes  

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and they are all Great quality
Real mink lashes
100% handmade
Cruelty FREE
can be used more than 35 times🥰

Good product quality is the basis for attracting customers. Your customers will help you publicize and win more and more customers. Soon your brand will be recognized and influential.

Wholesale Lash Vendors Mink Lashes Vendor 25mm Mink Lashes

We adopt exquisite craft and superior technology to process our raw materials.There are essential differences between us and the ordinary eyelash making process on the market.

If you wear bad eyelashes in circulation on the market, the eyes may be infected, irritate the skin and strain the eyes.

20mm Lashes Wholesale Eyelash Vendors USA Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

We use modern physical sterilization technology to sterilize. This is a kind of green sterilization method for killing microorganisms by heating water vapor.Our design was inspired by the texture and structure of flowers. Then we refer to ergonomics,

and according to the shape of the eye and face, the structure, length and density of eyelashes are processed and improved.

Lash Vendor Lash Vendors Wholesale LashesVendors

Our selection of raw materials is very strict. Our raw material comes from mink hairs that are two to three months old. We will never hurt the animals,

the mink hair is shedding from the minks’ natural falling hair and sanitized. Our raw materials are strictly quality controlled and of very high quality.

 Wholesale Mink Lash vendor

Our Eyelashes are market-tested hot style and fashionable. Our products have been tested in the market.The products with poor sales are removed from shelves and hot style products are sold.Our eyelashes are designed to meet the consumer’s aesthetic and are widely praised by consumers.

Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Eyelashes

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