You Should Try The Trend Of Eyelashes In 2021

You Should Try The Trend Of Eyelashes In 2021

Some people say, “I want to know how eyelashes are made? I also want to know As we all know, there is a growing demand for Mink eyelashes, which is no secret! With the increase of eyelash market, eyelash styles are constantly changing,The people who are ready have already started eyelash business, and the people who can do eyelash business are also Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes and Create Your Own Eyelash Packaging! And you should also master these styles. Here are the hottest trends of mink eyelashes this year.《Why 7D Mink Lashes So Popular?

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Cateye Lashes

Do you know what the trend is in 2021? If you want to reproduce the shape of fox cat’s eyes, then these eyelashes will be your best choice! The inner corner hair is short, they retain the freedom of the inner corner; the long outer corner hair can not only improve the eyes, but also make the eyes look longer and more angular. Unlike those eyelashes that maintain the same length and volume throughout the eye, they look more attractive.《Why Are 7D Mink Eyelashes So Popular?

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Texture Lashes

The trend of 2021 is to make a perfect decoration for your eyelashes. You can achieve this beautiful feather look by mixing various curly hairs and lengths. Applying multiple pre made fans helps create texture depth. The dramatic look of these eyelashes accentuates the eyes and is the perfect make-up for an event or a date.

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Spicy Lashes

With people’s more and more open mind, open, bold and fashionable become the label of most young girls! So the flame eyelashes represent a warm and unrestrained, and the dramatic and exaggerated flame eyelashes also participate in the banquet of long-term mink eyelashes! Curly thick eyelashes set off your eyes, so that your eyes look more God and charming!

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